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Team Peninsula comprises of Sam, Will and Toby.

Sam and Will are ultra-endurance athletes and Toby is a former British army officer.

The team have a passion for pushing limits,  physical endurance and testing the human spirit. 


Sam Morris

Mr. Motivator

Sam Morris is Head of Real Estate for Peninsula. He is a 38-year-old Chartered Surveyor and adventurist! Sam has completed many endurance challenges, including the famous Marathon Des Sables (250km self-sufficient run across the Sahara desert), the Oman Desert Marathon (165km self-sufficient run across Oman), climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, trekked the Inca Trail, and completed multiple single stage ultra-marathons. Sam is also a keen team sportsman (football, hockey, tennis and golf) as well as an accomplished sailor (Day Skipper), skier and snow boarder.


Will Drew

Mr. Morale

Will Drew is a 37-year-old developer who has always pushed the boundaries of physical endurance. At the age of 11 Will completed his first marathon, and since then has completed many ultra-endurance races including the famous Marathon Des Sables (250km self-suficient run across the Sahara desert). As a hands-on developer, Will enjoys the physical side of his business, which enables him to maintain a healthy degree of fitness in his day-to-day life. Will is also a keen skier and tennis player. His stubbornness and resolve ensures that he accomplishes everything to which he sets his mind.


Toby Kendall

Mr. Method

Toby Kendall is a 36 year old British army officer. Having served in the Rifles, an infantry regiment in Her Majesty's armed forces, for 7 years Toby now works as a business development manager in Africa and the Middle East for De La Rue. Toby has conquered plenty of physical challenges during his career and particularly enjoys the planning and methodology of how best to achieve his goals. Having been based out of Kenya for the past four years, Toby has continued his passion for exploration, regularly hiking and camping, including summiting Mt Kilimanjaro. Toby is a keen sportsman like his crew-mates, and relishes the idea of exploring another of Earth's great expanses as a part of the Team Peninsula trio.


Tom Kelly .jpeg

Tom Kelly

Team Trainer

In 2011, Tom was part of an ocean rowing team to become the first fours rowing boat to cross the Indian Ocean unsupported. Tom coached and prepared the team over the duration of the challenge to ensure his team were in the best place possible to achieve their goal.

As a personal trainer, online coach and a family man who understands busy lifestyles, Tom has created tried and tested health and fitness programmes for busy individuals, endurance athletes and ocean rowers who need their wellness to blend into their current schedules.
Insta #tkpersonaltrainer

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