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Team Peninsula are raising money to support the fight against plastics in our oceans

Team Peninsula are seeking Partners to help raise awareness about plastics in our oceans and the damage this is causing to the fragile marine environment.


All funds above the cost of expedition will be donated to our chosen charities.

The expedition is being funded by a combination of the Team Peninsula crew

and the support of selected Partners.


Partners will benefit from alignment with the “The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge” which receives international press coverage as "The World'sToughest Row."


Family and friends (non-UAE residents) can donate via our GoFundMe page:

All donations above £50+,  £250+, £1000 will get your name or your photo printed on the boat!

Friends of Team Peninsula will have their name printed on the boat for a minimum investment of GBP 50+


For GBP 250+, friends of Team Peninsula will have their names printed around the hatches

(so we will have to stare at your name all day!)

250 CLUB

For GBP 1000+,  join us on our adventure and boost our morale with your favourite ‘selfie’ printed inside (or outside tbc) our cabin for when we need a reminder of friends and support.


All donations are welcome no matter how big or small.




Corporate Benefits

Antigua welcomes Team Wadadli.jpg

Media & Press


The 2019/20 TWAC race had the following:


• 39 articles in international newspapers;


• 178 pieces of international online coverage;


• 85 regional broadcast features - reaching 5,413,128,182 views;

• 30 minute BBC documentary;


• Articles appeared worldwide across national and broadcast news from Sky News to CNN to Rolling Stone Italia

Antigua welcomes Team Wadadli.jpg

Social Media

Team Peninsula's partners will be regularly referenced on all our social media platforms, featuring constant updates on training progress and campaign developments as well as back-linking to our website.

Antigua welcomes Team Wadadli.jpg

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission is to increase awareness of the devastating impact of single use plastics on our oceans through a multi-faceted approach:

(1)  Change Government policies

(2) Awareness & Education 

(3) Ocean, Rivers and Beach Clean-ups 

The damage caused to marine wildlife and fragile eco-systems is becoming critical and work needs to begin now to reverse the tide of ocean pollution before the eco-systems collapse forever.


Partnering with Team Peninsula will ensure your brand association with this vital cause and align your Corporate Social Responsibility requirements with the exposure generated by our campaign across various media outlets.



The level of Partnerships are as follows:


Major branding rights across both the team vessel, and clothing/equipment

"Enquiries Welcome"


Select branding rights across the vessel and some equipment



Medium logo placement on the vessel



Logo placement on the vessel



An ideal option for smaller businesses and corporate friends of Team Peninsula to support us with their brand on the ‘Logo club’ section of the boat.



All partners will regularly be referenced on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website) and will have access to the team's photos and press coverage for use within their own marketing



*Exact placement & size of logos subject to change*



Platinum Partner Open for Enquiries



Reech Corporations Group

RCG create long term value through building game-changing companies that engineer solutions in their markets few thought possible. These companies are shaping the future of real estate, technology and finance. RCG operating companies, and those companies in which they invest, are all focused within the finance, real estate and technology areas. Each has varying degrees of autonomy, and all benefit from the collective resources, vision and experience of the Group.


Eltizam Asset Management Group

Eltizam Asset Management Group is among the leading physical asset management companies in the UAE and wider GCC, providing strategic management services to client asset portfolios. Eltizam leverages their expertise and that of its’ partners to the benefit of their customers including residents, owners, tenants and end users



DK Engineering

DK Engineering specialises in all aspects of Ferrari. DK's active role in the ownership and competition participation with Ferrari motor cars gives DK first-hand experience with the marque. Their workshop services range from turn-key restoration to competition and concours preparation via routine service work on contemporary models. Their extensive international client base validates the quality of their work and their commitment to the provision of excellence. For further information, visit DK's website at


Arosa Capital

Arosa Capital Management LP is an alternative investment manager focusing on investments in energy, including in renewable energy and related sectors.  Arosa seeks a differentiated approach to the alternative energy opportunity set, through rigorous fundamental analysis across the corporate capital structure, in both public and private companies.



Gleeds is a leading global property and construction consultancy. Independent since 1885, we are proud to deliver award-winning projects around the world. We help businesses and investors achieve the best value from their assets by providing advice that’s reassuringly free from conflict of interest. With 135 years’ experience, our impartial intelligence is key to helping clients release their projects on budget, on time and to an exceptional quality.

Sported AE Orange Logo on Dark Grey Background[96].png is the leading online platform selling high performance sports brands in the GCC. Beyond the retail shop, Sported provides invaluable resources for training, racing and recovery, e.g. a full race calendar, race reports, directories for coaches and clinics.

Sported's exclusive selection of brands and sponsorships within the local sports community align with their goal to minimize any negative impact on the environment wherever possible. To encourage an active and responsible lifestyle. Visit or their showroom open now at Surf House Dubai


Veeso Property Group build and develop properties throughout North East Lincolnshire and London. Since their inception they have been involved in London refurbishment projects, new build schemes and multi-unit developments for the build-to-rent sector with a focus on corporate accommodation. 


Veeso Homes work with leading industry professionals to explore innovative, future-proof design-led properties utilising sustainable materials, environmentally considerate landscaping and sensible site density.


Actionline International Limited is an international business consultancy based in East Africa. Actionline specialises in regional and cross-border strategic delivery of projects for investors, businesses and governments within the region. It provides intermediary or sales representation as well as bespoke targeted support and expertise to understand and deliver within complex business to business and business to government environments.



Peninsula Real Estate Holdings PLC

Peninsula provides asset owners across the Middle East with an intelligent solution that addresses systemic challenges in the market. Peninsula is constructing a risk-weighted, diversified real estate portfolio across the Middle East; adhering to best regulatory and governance practices, and compliant with Shariah principles  



CSQ is a project development consultancy with market leading expertise in project management, cost management and building consultancy. As Chartered Surveyors CSQ prides itself on being a firm that is Regulated by RICS which provides our clients with an assurance of quality and competency demonstrating that it practises to globally recognised ethical and professional standards. CSQ is based on a foundation of customer satisfaction and repeat business


A modern, innovative, health and wellness clinic that uses an integrative approach to injury prevention, rehabilitation, pain management, and movement therapy. Dedicated to helping you live to your full physical potential. Services include sports, family and regenerative medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, sports therapy, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, massage therapy, strength and conditioning and kinesiology


WakeUp Docklands is London’s only cable wakeboard park and offers a variety of water-based activities in an inner-city environment. Located in the sheltered waters of the Royal Victoria Dock, WakeUp Docklands specialises in cable wakeboarding / stand up paddleboarding (SUP) / hydrofoiling / team days out / corporate entertaining 


Riderr is the management company behind London’s WakeUp Docklands watersports park and is comprised of a collective of multi-discipline professional sports coaches, who actively promote the mental and physical health benefits associated with ride sport participation. The 3 R's of "Riderr" stand for: “Ride, Rest, Reconnect”.

GT.png is your premium online shopping destination for triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and multi-sport in the Middle East. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by offering great kit and sound advice. We are a local business, we know the terrain, and our team live and breathe it. is #1 2XU online retailer in the ME, known worldwide for their world-leading compression garments.



2XU, founded in 2005, is a premium sports apparel brand driven to advance human performance through the development of world-leading compression garments. 2XU is at the forefront of the global sports compression wear market and is considered the most advanced sportswear brand in the world. 2XU garments employ intelligent physiological design, cutting-edge performance fabrics and construction that are designed and tested in consultation with sports scientists and industry experts. Present in 71 countries around the world, 2XU has graced the bodies of multiple world champion athletes and has formed powerful alliances and partnerships across numerous sports world-wide including triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, basketball, football, baseball, soccer and hockey.

More partners coming soon...

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